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5 rogue ideas for Father's Day

When it comes to Father's Day Gifts , there's one thing—whether you're a scoundrel or not—you'll agree with me:

It is impossible to live up to a clay ashtray or a drawing with 'glued macaroni'.

Rogue Father's Day Gifts

Those crafts you gave away when you were little set the bar for Father's Day gifts very high.

You won't be able to get over it.


It wasn't because of the ashtray or the craft itself, you were giving him moments that have been burned into his memory.

But do not despair, each era has "its thing".

And this year also has its own.

With what we have had to live with, any Father's Day gift you give him this 2021 will be very special.

You have it a little easier. Even so, a scoundrel son or daughter does not settle for any gift on Father's Day, we have an obligation to make an effort every March 19.

Two gifts. In one you play it, in the other you don't

If you want to draw a big smile on his scoundrel face, I would get a kilo of macaroni, paper, glue and get to work.

To what comes out

Surprise him, you're going to surprise him and smile, he's going to smile.

You will remember it.


But don't stop there, I would gamble with something more risky (if there is a year in which you have to score an "all in" on Father's Day, this is it).

I leave you a (risky) list of the gifts that I had in my sights for this Father's Day.

Below I tell you my choice.

we start.

#1 Catch a wave to your ball

In a matter of gifts, getting wet is his thing, but if it's about literally getting wet and spending a great afternoon catching waves with your father, it's something unbeatable.

The guys at Citywave Madrid make it easy for you with an infinite assortment of waves for all levels.

You, just tell your father to wear a swimsuit, the rest is theirs.


Don't forget to finish off the day by also getting wet inside in the cozy Cantina de la Ola .

Ending with a relaxed chat over an ice-cold beer is the best finishing touch you can put on a memorable Father's Day .

#2 The head (always) on the shoulders.

I don't know about you, but I don't like that it's somewhere else (it looks weird).

If your father is a biker , you have it easy in DMD.

The good weather begins and after a “strange” year, you are surely looking forward to going out and escaping one morning.

In case you have lost your touch a bit with so much confinement (beware that the flow is lost) nothing better than a good "beret" from the new collection of DMD helmets

A great gift for Father's Day, a helmet for a biker father

Because it is highly desirable that you return home with your head where it should be but as new, rejuvenated, oxygenated and full of sensations.

#3 A balanced father

Two eyes here.

Keep an eye out because this is not for any parent, after all we want to give something unforgettable and not a precious sprain.

And another eye because the gift that I am telling you about below is highly addictive, healthy and comes with a discount for scoundrels ( * ).

When you try it, you'll be hooked, don't dream that I'll lend it to you easily (better buy two and practice the noble art of self-regalo ).

I'm talking about the balanceboards that the guys from Caleta Board make.

Handmade balance boards made in Spain with designs, finishes and cinema quality.

But do not get carried away by the first impression , not everything is climbing on top and trying to maintain dignity .

The opportunities (and benefits ) of use are endless:

  • Pushups
  • squats
  • ABS
  • Foot massage...

And if so... that he climbs up and dominates it.

( * ) Enter CANALLA15 in your cart and you will get a 15% discount , by the face.

ROGUE ADVICE : With this discount... get two, trust me. Word of Scoundrel.

#4 Special for Rogue Parents (and children with money).

I up the ante.

This is a gift for magnificent scoundrel parents who have behaved like 10 (many), who also have great children who agree and pay for the gift together (and less).

Another league.

If you have the means, you have the father and you have brothers (or if you swim in money), this is " The Gift of Father's Day ".


A custom bike (unique and exclusive) from our colleagues at Mutt .


An idea that occurs to me, in case it works for you.

Fill out this Mutt Motorcycles form and request a test for the day of your choice.


You tell your father that the gift is a motorcycle ride .

But not a normal motorcycle, no.

A special, unique machine that has been hard for you to get a test of.

The great scoundrel father's day gift

You tell him that it is such an exclusive machine that there is no equal on the globe (he insists that he not plan anything and that he reserve the day for you).

The day arrives.

She tries.

Then he hallucinates, smiles like a freshly fed baby and looks 20 years younger .

And when you leave, you give him some keys, a helmet and calmly tell him...

"See you at home dad, you can manage with mom"

#5 Of course, a great shirt (or two).

There is no better way to call your father an endearing Scoundrel to his face than with one of our t-shirts.

And so that you have a thousand ways to do it, we have prepared a magnificent and well-chosen selection of clothes for authentically Canallitas parents.

Here to see the gift that will make you look like a great son

Rogue Scrumbler Father's Day T-shirt

oh! about my gift...

I have it clear.

Waves, laughter and ending with a good and calm chat over a couple of cold beers.

What less, he deserves it.


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