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Collaboration with Nomade Cycles

When Rober from Nomade Cycles proposed us to launch a line of t-shirts with rogue vibes and inspired by his creations, we didn't doubt it for a second. It immediately crossed our mind how those garments that would blend our styles would look.

The idea: quality clothing, rogue vibes and the unmistakable 'AGRO FOR THE LIVIN' style of our colleagues at nomade. As they well say:

"Agro for the livin' is the ethos that keeps us together, inspires us and differentiates us from the rest. Being Agro is being aggressive against one's own personal judgment about the acceptance standards set by society. Agro for the livin' is a manifesto against the conventional through active spontaneity. Within all of us there is another being that constantly seeks fun and risk, that flees from boring and conformism. Any situation in our lives has the potential to become a memorable feat. We are not always on top of our motorcycles looking like rock stars ready for any Instagram photo to show us what we are cool about, but always, whether in a suit with a tie or in gayumbos at home, we are willing to make that internal difference that makes of our experiences something epic."

We have started with some organic cotton t-shirts that you can find in their store in Navacerrada and some sweatshirts that you can also buy here on our website.

In future posts we will describe each one of the motorcycles in which we have been inspired. We hope you like the result as much as we do. And stay tuned because this collaboration will continue to bring surprises...

Greetings scoundrels!

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