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Custom jobs!

We wanted to tell you that our passion for design and clothing goes beyond the garments that you can see in our online store. Do you belong to a motorcycle club? Do you have a surf school? A restaurant?

T-shirts and custom clothing for your community

Write to us (elmascanalla@elmascanalla.com) and we will look for the design that suits what you are looking for and we will produce the highest quality garments and our organic cotton and recycled materials.

And for sample... here you have the designs of some of our collaborations.

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Canallada de la semana

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Canallada de la Semana

Esta semana, por la compra de dos prendas un descuento de un 25% en la segunda.

Por si no te decides o simplemente, porque te da la gana aprovechar la oferta.

Usa el cupón NOMEDECIDO en la pantalla de pago y los precios bajan solitos.