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Gift Cards

How to surprise a Scoundrel

Why is the Gift Card the best product we have at El Más Canalla?

For countless reasons.

I tell you three.

#1 Because what is said about scoundrels is true: they have a 'bad gift' . Difficult to hit with them.

#2 Because you just can't decide between all the wonders we have at EMC but you don't want to fail.

#3 Or maybe because you're short on time and despite our lightning-fast shipments, you don't want to play it.

Gifting a scoundrel is easier than it seems

Whatever the reason, an El Más Canalla Gift Card is a sure bet if you want to surprise a scoundrel.

You do not fail and the scoundrel (or the scoundrel) will thank you as you deserve.

If they are all advantages...

You buy the Gift Card, you give it to him and you forget (you, he will never forget it).

Gift Card €25 - How to surprise a Scoundrel, scoundrel clothes, biker clothes and surf clothes in the most scoundrel

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